SHU (Blue Hour Lullaby), 2002/2008

A remote prison in the desert during the blue hour. The compound prepares for the night, the lights are gradually switched on. Simultaneously to the illuminating on the ground approaching aircraft lights appear in the evening sky, one after the other, slowly accumulating, hovering, floating.

Film Screening or Black Box Installation
Screening size: 3,20m x 1,80m to 16m x 9m (full HD)
Technical installation: For Full HD resolution screening:
- Mac & ProRes Codec / - HDCAM / - 16mm Film / - DVD PAL/NTSC is for preview only

Visual FX & Postproduction: Matthias Neuenhofer
Camera: Philipp Lachenmann, May Rigler

Soundtrack 1 (Desert) Gerriet K. Sharma
Soundtrack 2 (Music) Wolfgang Voigt/Kompakt Label, Köln
Soundtrack 3 (Silent)
Soundmix: Alexander Peterhaensel

Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) - Matthew Coolidge / Steve Rowell
Betty Freeman