Alice.M, 2009/2010

A short absurd fairy tale taking place on a historical site of modernism, with references to Lewis Caroll and George Lucas.

Alice.M is conceived for three different presentation modes:
1. As classic Split-Screen, with two screens/pictures side by side (split screen to single channel).
2. As Two-Screen set up, for projection on two opposite facing screens.
3. As spaceous Variable-Screen version, for presentation on two mobile screens scattered in the room.
In all presentation modes video 1 (Alice) should be positioned to the left (of the entrance), and video 2 (Moon) to the right. - The actual size of the projections can vary (both videos should be same size), according to the given conditions of the presentation space.

Camera & Editing: Veit Landwehr
Visual FX & Postproduction: Alexander Peterhaensel
Production Manager: Xi Bei
Postproduction Consultant: Markus Bledowski
Actor: Charles Guislan
Soundtrack 1: Excerpt from: Motion Picture (16 mm), 2003
16mm film in film: "Rhythmus 21", 1921, by Hans Richter
With kind authorization by Marion von Hofacker / Hans Richter Archive

Alice.M is basically a Silent Movie that can be accompanied by several different sound scores. As standard for the installation Alice.M is accompanied by an excerpt of the autonomous sound installation, Motion Picture (16 mm), 2003. Therefore Motion Picture (16 mm) is considered optional constituent of Alice.M. - On presentation please position at least two speakers in the opposite corners of the room so the constantly changing 16 mm rattling sound can be experienced as an accoustic space of its own.

Gérard Fournier / PCF
Maurice Riviere
Alain Blottière
Pierre Reimer
FM (The White Rabbit) - 'En souvenir de Marie-Louise Azéma, Jacqueline, Henri, Jean et Pierre Michaud'

Filmed at the headquarters of the PCF - Partie Communiste de France (architect: Oscar Niemeyer), Paris