Motion Picture (16mm)  (2003/2004)

Multi-channel sound installation in white-cube space.

The noise of a running 16mm projector is heard wandering in an empty white room.

In the beginning, the projector noise seems virtually static. After a minute the sound appears to start wandering acoustically, traversing a virtual space of its own in the room.

The recording: a running 16mm film projector was set up in the middle of a museum hall. A stereo microphone was used to record its rattling noise, first close to the projector, then the recorder moved around the room in certain patterns circling around the projector, so that the sound can be experienced spatially and a imagined space of "projection" is defined.

Motion Picture (16mm) is an independent sound installation, which can also be adapted for use as a soundtrack for selected apt video works - see for example Corporate_Space (LA) -

Photographic Prints (2004):
Additionally there are 9 C-Prints of sound waveforms taken from the 16mm projector noise recording (see pictures).The shape of the waveforms is chosen according to their resemblance to a lakeside landscape.
Size: 200 cm x 40 cm each

Frieze (2004):
Wall Installation: A wallpaper frieze of coherent waveforms, taken from the 16mm projector noise recording, is running along the wall of a space on eye level, "representing" one full walk circle in the room.
Dimensions variable