Black Allegory (Opium Flower)

The shape of "Black Allegory (Opium Flower)" refers to the botanical poppy flower - the floral source for the production of drugs like opium and heroin.
While the stem of "Black Allegory (Opium Flower)" is made of a synthetic fiber structure reinforced with steel, the sculpture's blossom is made of a glass bowl containing a mix of electric diodes and gas producing constantly flashes which run through this glass blossom. This "blossom" quotes the popular psychedelic home toy device from the seventies, the "Plasma Globe" (principle invented in 1894 by Nicola Tesla), where you touch the glass body and the flashes inside running through the gas/plasma concentrate right on the spot where the touch grounds the electricity into an electrical discharge.
Working day and night, the blossom of "Black Allegory (Opium Flower)" permanently displays some kind of never ending "tempest & lightning" to the viewer.