Mirage  (2004/2005)

The installation Mirage consists of the word “MIRAGE” as a flickering sparkling light sign applied to the exterior or interior of the wall of a modernist building.
The writing refers in style to the sign of the famous "The Mirage” hotel in Las Vegas.
“Mirage” as a nature phenomenon of hot air shivering and “Mirage” as part of the name “The Mirage” of the famous hotel in Las Vegas which houses gambling, money business, and miracle shows: - Applied to the wall of an art institution the sign Mirage releases its inherent references, and as a light word now being somehow “purified” transcends into a dialectical play between perception and deception.

Dimensions variable  (original:  ca. 1800 cm x 400 cm x 25 cm).
Light bulbs, frame, computer light program.